Redefine Radio Ep3 - DOTR

Redefine Radio Ep3 DOTR – This episode we sat down with the “Dripped on the Road”, traveling artist-in-residency crew / Road Dogs – Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Grace Lang, Denton Burrows, Nicole Salgar (out doing something important), Media Manager Jonathan Neville, and their on the road videographer Lisa Bolden – from Elixir Motion Picture. The DOTR gang are on an adventure in an -R.V. from the future- down the East Coast, traveling from New York to Miami FL, making art and stopping at various locations along the way to paint murals, share art and enrich lives.
We got a couple days to hang with these guys on their Orlando stop, where local legend and artist; Wolfrich and postmodern design expert/former wakeboard pro; Heather Johnson, welcomed everyone into their amazing retro-modern styled Florida home. We ate and drank, dipped, dripped, & jumped in the pool, dripped lot’s of paint on the wall Wolfrich provided for the DOTR gang to knock out a somewhat hidden Orlando mural in their backyard. The hosts were kind enough to offer their living room where we all sat around a Macbook and microphones to talk about what they’ve been been doing, what they will be doing, and how the Journey has been so far.
After the podcast check more of the Dripped on the Road journey and artworks at: If you don’t follow each of these artists already, now’s a good time to start.
Be sure to watch ALL the videos of the journey by Elixir Motion Picture. They are entertaining, inspirational, and beautifully shot.
Check out Wolfrich at: – Keep an eye out for his upcoming art show this year at Redefine Gallery!
Be sure to follow Heather on instagram at: