Redefine Radio Ep4 -Wolfrich “Awkward Introductions”

Redefine Radio Ep4 -Wolfrich “Awkward Introductions” This one is action packed! Car crashes, Kung Fu, Bikes, Cars, Beers, Art processes, Stresses of prepping for an show, and a Bear vs Alligator Fight! Redefine Radio Crew – Crummy Gummy, Parker, and Dr. Loomis with Special Guest Artist – WolfRich, who gives us some insight into his upcoming show “Awkward Introductions” May 18 2017.

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Redefine Radio Ep1 -Art and Stuff

Redefine Radio Ep1 - Our first Podcast. Talking about art and stuff in the Redefine Gallery, with Crummy Gummy, Parker, and Dr. Loomis. Talking current and upcoming art exhibits, Ireland, Nickelodeon Art with PiQ, Food and Politics, Lots of B.S

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