Attachment Hunger - with Scott Donald & Sean Hartman


If the origin of suffering is attachment,
then why do we obsess over things to fill the empty places in our hearts?

Orlando based artists, Scott Donald, & Sean Hartman examine the pain we create for ourselves in a series of abstract paintings and illustrations.

Redefine is finally moving into our new Gallery home with our friends at City Arts. It’s been a long 3+ months and we know everyone, including us, is hungering for some new art!

This March 3rdThursday at Redefine Gallery should not disappoint with this duo of crazy-talented local artists.

March 21 2019
6pm - 10pm

At our new historic location inside Downtown Orlando’s oldest building, The Rogers Kiene Building / City Arts - 39 South Magnolia Ave. Orlando 32801
Find us on the 2nd Floor at the end of the hall.

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