MENAGERIE by Clark Orr


Artist Statement:


Some of my earliest fascinations involved things that seemed like one thing, but were actually something completely different. Like when I was ten and I passed a group of big, tough, tattooed bikers on the street. Emblazoned across their leather vests were giant, block letters reading, “Bikers For Christ.” This curiosity with duality, and the unexpected, has consistently found its way into my work as an artist. With “Menagerie” I’ve focused on the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and how it can be just as violent and raw. The collection depicts conflict often observed in nature, as well as archetypes of animals used by man. Each vignette portrays present-day America (the zoo), and its inhabitants (the animals) at odds with one another.  We’re reminded as humans, of the violence we inflict, contrasted by our capacity for compassion. Much of the work contains geometric patchwork, symbolizing the polarizing human experience of societal fragmentation while being more connected than we’ve ever been. While my subject matter may seem dark, my hope is that you’ll join me in my fascination with the story that lies beneath the surface where together we may find some light. - Clark Orr

About Clark:

Born in Central Florida in 1984, Clark Orr was raised around commercial art. The son of a career sign painter, Clark grew up helping out in his father’s sign shop. After discovering skateboarding, punk rock, magic, and comics as a teen, Clark realized his passions were deeply rooted in visual art. After taking a graphic design class in high school 2001, he became obsessed. Soon after, he began his career designing band merch for touring bands. In 2003 Clark became head designer of indie t-shirt brand, Johnny Cupcakes, a role that spanned multiple capacities for an entire decade. In that time he moonlighted as a freelance designer for various streetwear and apparel brands. 2013 saw his movement into full-time freelance work under the studio name Clark Orr Design Co. His long-time fascination with screen printed posters collided with his career as a digital based illustrator. He’s been in over 20 group shows, and is now on his third solo art show, expanding from screen prints, to giclee prints, and mixed media. While Clark still freelances, specializing in illustration, branding, and packaging, he also co-owns a goods and accessories brand called, Hellcats Inc. with his wife Brittany.

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