All the Small Things


We Have a very special, sweet show set up for this April 2018 3rd Thursday Opening! Guest Co-curated by our super sweet friend Sarah Banks of the Sugar Fueled Duo.

A word from Sarah:

Hey Sweet Friends! 👋🏻

We would love to invite to come out and see all these beautiful Tiny works of art! The opening party is on April 19th from 6 pm - 9 pm and will be up till May 12th. 

As many of you may know I am one piece of Sugar Fueled - Sarah Banks - @pinksugarfueled. Since Michael Banks the painter for Sugar Fueled started making miniature paintings a little over 3 years ago. We have both become more and more obsessed with art that’s miniature. We moved to Los Angeles, CA from Orlando, FL a little over 3 years ago into a tiny 400 square foot space so it made us really reconsider our collections and the amount of area he has to work in. Due to that I have had the grand pleasure of curating a few shows due to extreme interest in challenging himself and our other fellow artists to see what they can do on a small scale. Our good friend Grummy Gummy at Redefine Gallery asked me to curate a show focused on tiny works of art by some of my favorite artists. The parameters each artist had to stay in was under 4”x 4” inches in size. We are all very excited with how the show came together and the amount of beautiful work we received. We will try to share as many works as possible on this page. Check out this super
rad line up of artists and give them a follow! 

Artists a part of the show: 
Sugar Fueled - ChrisRWK - Travis Lampe  - Jason Limon - Horrible Adorables - The P is for Penis -  Parker - Peter Van Flores - Crummy Gummy - Wolfrich - Bayo - Sara Fabel - Lauren Saxton - Sara Richard - Anna Tillett - Gretchen Lewis - Jessica Von Braun - Beanpants - Mike Groves - Camilla d’ Errico - Gina Marie - Sarah Braly - JM Dragunas - ROBO OHNO - Morgan Wilson - Victoria Rose - D. Jeffrey - Mary J. Hoffman - Jesse Smith - Stitch of Whimsy - Jessicka Addams
Nomnomluv - Blah Mamus! - Doktor A - Samantha Shumaker - Ryan Semple  - 64 Colors
Simona Candini - Anthony Ausgang - Fika - Creeptoons - Mary Syring - Jojo Battista  - Susan Gromala-Crary - Cody Vrosh - Joey Stupor - Arrogant Watcher

Please help us spread the word and if you can’t come in person to check it out and snag a little treasure for your collection. 

You can find one in the online store here:

Gallery location: 
Redefine Gallery

Hope to see you there! 
Love, 💗
Sarah and the Redefine Gallery Crew