Past Presence

This month at Redefine Gallery we welcome:

Patrick Wayner (Painted Patch)

April Seelbach

Brandon Mclean


Here are some words about the artists:

Patrick Wayner

is an Artist/Maker/Woodworker residing in Columbus, Ohio. He specializes in 3D Faux Taxidermy utilizing new and reclaimed wood, acrylic, aerosol and vintage maps. His work is a reflection of totem spirit animals and how they guide human beings.



April Seelbach

🌈Painting on my prints of places.🌈


Mixed media art, combining photography and a pastel based paint palette that comes together in a retro 1960s-70s adventure vibe that makes you feel good.  


Brandon McLean

is a mixed media artist whose works/reside somewhere on the outskirts of Pop Art. Utilizing the found image techniques of collage & image appropriation, he aims to transform his findings into some type of new nostalgic narrative. Currently the work has been following McLean’s aesthetic attractions through the shrubbery into a type of ‘Tropic Noir’ setting. We find imagery laced with connotations centered around the ideas of escape, male ego, obsession and mystery. McLean was recently quoted as saying, “I’m just simply into making what I want to see. Exploring my own intuition, and embracing my own strange.”


If you’ve ever sat down to eat your enormous pizza slice at Lazy Moon, looked around the room at the super cool mixed media, vintage photography, assembled art pieces lining the walls, and thought to yourself “Man! That is some rad art! I wish there was some way I could get something like that for my place”. Well now is your opportunity! Brandon McLean is the man behind the art that created that cool vintage aesthetic, that compliments your pizza and beer vibe so well!  

See You On Third Thursday!

January 18 2018




Redefine Gallery -29 South Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801

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