A Nightmare on Pine Street

Redefine Gallery Presents “Nightmare on Pine St.”

One, two, Thursday’s coming for you…
Horror fans take warning! this is no ordinary art show. We reached out to some of the most grotesquely talented illustrators in the underworld, to create posters based off some of our favorite horror movies! Masterful horror classics such as IT, Halloween, Aliens and much more! We summoned a devious group of artists from dark corners across the universe, from the insidious swamps of Orlando, to the cut throat streets of the Philippines and all the treacherous territories in between! 
Artists include:

Joshua Budich
Eileen Steinbach (SG Posters)
Victor Davila
Zachary Jackson Brown
Laz Marquez
Chuck Abraham
John Barry Ballaran
Orlando Arocena
Edz Gatdula
Ryan Vogler
Steven Espinoza
Nora Baz

Bring your Holy Water, Silver bullets and try not to sleep on one of Orlando’s greatest attractions on Oct. 19th. Doors open 6pm-10pm. - Nov 11 2017